Teresa Carné Torrent​ | NP Agency

Teresa Carné Torrent​

Vice President

Teresa, Vice President, is a Spanish-born and raised art director and designer or how she likes to call it: a thinker, maker, typographer, logoer, doer, drawer, brander and fun-haver. Her work is guided by a strong confidence in design as a problem-solving tool and as a method to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. She loves to focus on the idea before the medium, as she believes a strong concept is the foundation of everything else.

Teresa has been working in the creative and design industry since 2013 and has over 8 years of experience with advertising, visual communication and branding. Although her skill set is vast, Teresa’s greatest expertise revolves in the worlds of brand identity design, data visualization and print collateral. Along this 8 years, Teresa had the opportunity to work and grow professionally in big and small agencies, international corporate organizations, and startups in Washington, DC, Hong Kong, Madrid, and Barcelona for a big range of clients including: Philips, Gibson, National Geographic, Ferrovial, MoveOn and Pepco, among others.

Mission-driven and with an interest in cause-related advertising, Teresa was part of the Latino Paid Media team for the Biden-Harris campaign, and helped create digital ads for numerous clients and non-profits during the 2020 cycle.

Teresa’s creative career started at BAU, Design College of Barcelona, in Spain, where she graduated in Graphic Design. Followed by a Master’s degree in Motion Graphics. She divides her time between designing things on a computer screen, eating ramen, and trying to master any yoga pose.