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Crisis, Investigations, and Litigation

We make happen.

If you need immediate crisis support, please alert our crisis team at We’re available 24/7/365.

Our experts can be on-site within hours and can shepherd you through a media onslaught, a social media uprising, a shareholder revolt, an emergency situation, or an investigation.

The best way to respond to a crisis, investigation, or threatening litigation is to be prepared before it happens. Our team works with your internal stakeholders to promote the best outcomes by giving teams guidelines, access to best practices, and information on past successes to ensure you’re practiced and collected when the worst happens.

We work across your organization to help you define clear responsibilities based on collaborative planning, then work hand-in-hand with your communications, legal, government relations, sales, shareholder relations, and human resources teams to help everyone approach these challenging situations in a thoughtful, deliberate way.


Our Expertise

  • Crisis plan development
  • Vulnerabilities assessments and gap analysis
  • Scenario planning
  • Preparedness training and coaching
  • Immersive crisis simulations
  • Materials and content development
  • Early warning system development
  • Pre-crisis KPI benchmarking
  • Media monitoring and analysis
  • Real-time social listening
  • Message development
  • Rapid response team management
  • Media triaging and relations
  • Executive management
  • Social management and content
  • Customer and shareholder support strategy
  • Recovery planning
  • Message development and storytelling
  • Relationship repair strategy
  • Post-crisis measurement and benchmarking