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Research and Data Analytics

We make happen.

We’re always curious.  Check out the latest NP insights to see our research on topics ranging from privacy to public stadium financing.

Utilizing state-of-the art connected technologies, our consumer research capabilities offer much more than “snap-shot” opinion polls.  That gives us the ability to model our research insights at the national, state, local, and zip +4 levels through our combined database of 250 million Americans, each profiled with more than 1,700 variables and traits.  Because we’re connected to such deep consumer data, we’re then able to segment and communicate directly with these individuals across multiple platforms to continually test and refine message and impact.

Augmenting our research capabilities is our expertise in social conversation analysis and first- and third-party data analysis.  These tactics combine to allow us to understand what people say in the real-world, how they talk about issues and organizations, how those trends have changed over time, and how that compares to traditional research.  Social listening, done right, can be a complete replacement for traditional focus groups.

Based on our research and social conversation, we’re able to benchmark opinions and actions to measure the true impact of your communications and marketing efforts across audiences and geographies.

Our Expertise

Data analysis
  • Segmentation
  • Onboarding and cleaning
  • First-party data augmentation
  • Benchmarking and KPI measurement
  • Longitudinal research
  • Modeling and segmentation
  • Influencer, stakeholder, or customer panels
  • Competitor tracking
Social listening
  • Influencer ID and listening
  • Advocate and opponent listening
  • Affinities mapping
  • Trend and reach analysis