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Cara Morris Stern


Cara Morris Stern is a founding partner of New Paradigm Agency and has more than a decade of experience in strategic communications in both the public and private sector.

Cara works with her talented staff to navigate today’s high-velocity, ever-changing, and complex media environment to help organizations shape public image, garner national and local media attention through innovative tactics, and craft new media strategies online.

Cara served as a communications advisor for Barack Obama’s campaign in several critical primaries, including the Iowa caucuses, and in the key battleground state of Florida during the general election. Cara served as a spokesperson at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, where she worked with national political reporters to help frame the nation’s most visible and competitive Senate campaigns. From 2000-2004, Cara’s tenure at the DSCC covered an election for all 100 Senate seats, including Senator Landrieu’s landmark runoff campaign in Louisiana in 2002. While at the DSCC, Cara helped develop messages for donor communications as well as develop the committee’s earliest digital campaign, which included the launch of the committee’s first blog “From the Roots”.

Before the DSCC, Cara worked for U.S. Senator John F. Kerry (D-MA) and on several statewide campaigns.