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Meet New Paradigm Agency

When New Paradigm Strategy Group was formed in 2017, our goal was to meet the changing needs of companies, campaigns, movements, and organizations – and we have!  We’ve brought policy expertise to clients to help bring depth to their work, our amazing creative team has helped communicate complex messages with emotion and clarity, and we’ve helped clients understand some of their most challenging problems by conducting innovative quantitative and qualitative research.

But the whole “Strategy Group” part didn’t do enough to communicate all of the exciting ways we’ve helped clients succeed, nor did it reflect the diversity and talents of our team.  So, with a new year, we made a change.

We’re now New Paradigm Agency – still focused on helping organizations plan, communicate, and succeed through the use of data, creativity, and experience.  And still finding new and innovative ways to make that happen. This is ultimately a small adjustment, but we think it’s important, and we’re looking forward to the future together.