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Ken Gude


Ken Gude is the Senior Vice President for Policy at New Paradigm Agency and has decades of experiences designing and leading policy, communications, and advocacy campaigns for organizations and political parties and candidates.

Ken started work at the Center for American Progress before it opened its doors and worked at its highest levels through fifteen years at the organization, including as Chief of Staff and Vice President and Managing Director of the National Security and International Policy Team. He also worked at the Council on Foreign Relations, the Center for National Security Studies, and at the Institute for Public Policy Research in the U.K. He has also collaborated with numerous international policy and advocacy organizations, including the Foundation for European Policy Studies and the Global Progress Network.

Ken has worked on campaigns and advised candidates for state and federal legislative races and been a policy adviser to multiple presidential campaigns during both the primaries and general elections. He worked for the British Labour Party and has advised progressive political parties in Europe and elsewhere around the world.