Alex Peña | NP Agency

Alex Peña

Digital and Creative Assistant

As the Digital & Creative Assistant, Alex helps produce and edit creative content such as videos and digital advertisements. The other half of the job involves assisting in the research and construction of digital ad campaigns on Facebook, Google Search, Twitter, and programmatic networks. He is a versatile digital content producer who understands the production process from beginning to end. Every idea lends itself to one form or another, and his talent comes from knowing exactly which medium should be used to most effectively capture an audience.

Alex comes from Boston University but grew up in the D.C. area. After studying journalism and political science, he had stints at Vox’s daily news podcast “Today, Explained” and C-SPAN’s flagship show “Washington Journal” before landing at New Paradigm. When he’s not working in an Adobe timeline, he can be found enjoying Star Wars, cooking, or the Washington Capitals.